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    Plastic Wires

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    Set of 7 Sizes Plastic Wires

    Set of 7 Sizes Plastic Wires , WP-07

    Having a set of all 7 sizes of the PLASTIC wires will allow you to test for correct fit on your clients or on yourself. We pre-package one pair of each of the 7 sizes of these wire sizes from 32 up to and including 44.

    For the actual size of each wire shown in this section, please refer to the WIRE CHART on the left hand side of our website under: Information to Download. The drawing can be printed out to actual size. Wire lengths in both inches and metric are shown.

    Price:CAN$15.40 Pair

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    WP-32 Plastic wires

    WP-32 Plastic wires , WP-32

    If you travel a lot and are concerned about the airport metal scans, you might want to replace your wires with these plastic ones. They are also great for those with metal sensitivities. These are symmetrical and can be cut to any length easily with a utlity knife and the sharp edges rounded off with an emery board.

    Fits 30C, 32B and 34A, AA, AAA

    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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    WP-34 Plastic wires

    WP-34 Plastic wires , WP-34
    Fits 28E, 30D, 32C, 34B, 36A, 36AA and 36AAA
    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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    WP-36 Plastic Wires

    WP-36 Plastic Wires , WP-36
    Fits 30E, 32D,34C, 32D, 30E, 32DD, 38A, 38AA and 38AAA
    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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    WP-38 Plastic wires

    WP-38 Plastic wires , WP-38
    Fits 38B, 36C, 34D, 32E, 30F, 28G and 40A
    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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    WP-40 Plastic Wires

    WP-40 Plastic Wires , WP-40
    Fits 40B, 38C, 36D, 34E, 32F, 30G, 28H
    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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    WP-42 Plastic wires

    WP-42 Plastic wires , WP-42

    Fits 42B, 40C, 38D, 36E, 34F, 32G, 30H 

    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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    WP-44 Plastic wires

    WP-44 Plastic wires , WP-44
    Fits 44B, 42C, 40D, 38E, 36F, 34G, 32H
    Price:CAN$2.20 Pair

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