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    Non-Stretch Fabric for Cups

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    Simplex , FJ-1

    Use simplex single layer for lightweight but supportive cups and front bridge. Simplex is technically a jersey but knitted in a unique way so it has very little give. We love it! Very easy to work with and fits like a dream. It-s fairly plain, so if you want a fancy¯ bra, you-ll have to dress it up with lace or lace appliques. Simplex does not have any stretch so you cannot use it for the band. 

    Simplex is 58-60" (147-150 cm) wide with mechanical give in the crosswise direction


    Beige(Pantone 13-1106)

    Price:CAN$18.00 Metre(s)

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    Shiny Simplex

    Shiny Simplex , FJ-11

    Use this shiny version of simplex to make lightweight but supportive cups and front bridge. it would also work very well for bralettes and other lingerie. It's a jersey so it has mechanical give in the crosswise direction. We love it! It's very shiny and feels great! Very easy to work with and fits like a dream. Shiny simplex does not have enough stretch to use for a regular bra band. The peach colour is very soft and co-ordinates well with our peach power net.

    Simplex is 58-60" (147-150 cm) wide with mechanical give in the crosswise direction


    Peach(Pantone 12-1008)
    Pink(Pantone 12-1706)
    Light Beige(Pantone 13-1008)

    Price:CAN$20.00 Metre(s)

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    Antron Jersey

    Antron Jersey , FJ-4
    Our Antron 3 is Perfect for Slips, Panties, Bra Cups, Nighties, Camisoles and other Lingerie Projects. Non-static. Can also be used as a lining fabric to support other fashion fabrics or laces

    Antron Jersey is 58-60" (147-150 cm) wide with some mechanical give in the crosswise direction


    Pink(Pantone 12-1706)

    Price:CAN$12.00 Metre(s)

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    Duoplex , FJ-6

    The absolute best fabric we have for support without having to line the cups! Yes, it's true - there is no need to line the cups made from Duoplex. Not only is it strong and supportive, but it is also a reversible fabric (shiny on one side - matte finish on the other) so you have your choice of which side to use. Duoplex comes in over 2 dozen great colours, it is 100% polyester non-stretch stable knit, and it's the fabric we use in our bra kits. Sold by the metre (1.1 yard or 40") If you would like to see each colour in s swatch pack, please see the sampler pack above. The Pantone numbers beside each colour represent the actual numbers from a Pantone colour chart. If you are lucky enough to have a Pantone chart, you can check the numbers against your chart. That will be more accurate than colours on a monitor screen.

    Duoplex is 58-60" (147-150 cm) wide with very little mechanical give (5-10%) in the lengthwise direction


    White(Pantone 11-0601)
    Ivory(Pantone 11-0507)
    Yellow(Pantone 12-0752)
    Dijon Gold(Pantone 14-1025)
    Orange(Pantone 17-1350)
    Peach(Pantone 12-1008)
    Pink(Pantone 12-1706)
    Fuchsia(Pantone 17-2624)
    Red(Pantone 18-1764)
    Black Cherry(Pantone 19-2410)
    Lilac(Pantone 17-3834)
    Purple(Pantone 19-3748)
    Bluebird Blue(Pantone 16-4132)
    Turquoise(Pantone 14-4522)
    Royal Blue(Pantone 18-3949)
    Navy Blue(Pantone 19-3939)
    Indigo(Pantone 19-4028)
    Teal(Pantone 18-4930)
    Kelly Green(Pantone 17-6153)
    Forest Green(Pantone 19-5511)
    Beige(Pantone 13-1106)
    Chocolate(Pantone 19-1118)
    Platinum(Pantone 17-5102)
    Black(Pantone 19-4007)

    Price:CAN$18.00 Metre(s)

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    Duoplex Sampler Pack

    Duoplex Sampler Pack , FJ-DUOPLEX

    Samples of each of our 25 stock duoplex colours, including the 4 newest - fuchsia, turquoise blue peach and lilac.

    Price:CAN$5.00 Metre(s)

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    Jersey Cup Sampler

    Jersey Cup Sampler , FJ-JERSEY

    We offer a swatch pack of all the fabrics that begin with the letters FJ in this section of the website - from Simplex, Shiny Simplex to Duoplex, Antron and the the Bonded Antron. You will get one colour of each fabric. 

    Price:CAN$5.00 Metre(s)

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