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    Using our new online shopping cart is a breeze - just go to the categories you want to visit and click on the appropriate buttons to order. Sometimes there are several options available, such as colour or size. You only need to click on your choice and then click the ORDER box. You can always modify your order at any time before you check out.


    All of our goods such as fabric and elastics are sold by the METRE (which is 39" or about 10% longer than a yard). You may purchase less or more metres if you need too (such as 1.2 metres). All of our underwires are sold by the PAIR, which is enough to make one bra. Slider & ring sets are sold in a bag containing two sliders and two rings.

    The first time you order, we will ask you for your name, address etc and that info is kept in our secure and encrypted files for future orders.  When you order again, you won’t have to fill anything else out - just your email address. The cart will automatically bring up your information.

    If you prefer, you can also print off the catalogue - the whole thing or just the pages you need - from the lower left side of the screen. This will give users without high-speed internet time to look over the catalogue without tying up their phone line. Then when you have filled out the order form at the back of the catalogue, you can order online much faster.

    Our shopping cart will automatically add the shipping based on your address and add any applicable taxes (Canadians only). American and foreign orders do not add any taxes (Lucky people!) just the shipping rates. We will adjust the shipping rates if the cart has overcharged for shipping and refund the difference.


    Prepare your order. You may print the order sheet from the lower left of the screen, or use plain paper. Please list the description of goods including colour and size, product codes as well as the quantity you require.

    You can order by mail, phone, fax, or email. All orders are sent as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

    PHONE:  905-538-1396

    FAX: 905-538-1397



    Bra-makers Supply

    308 Ottawa Street North

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8H 3Z9