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    Bra-makers Supply

    We love making bras! We love the colours, the fabrics and the trims. Best of all, we love the way the bras we make, fit. You can love bras as much as we do, by sewing your own and sewing for those you care about. But almost everyone asks us…how did we get into this?


    It all started in 1996 in response to students who wanted the same top-quality fabrics, elastics and underwires that Beverly was using in her bra industry work. In most of Canada, and in the USA, there simply wasn't anywhere to buy supplies - and if you could find a few elastics, they weren't the professional quality we were used to seeing in ready-to-wear. There also wasn't anywhere to get professional instruction in this fascinating field. 

    Beverly had a “brilliant” idea - she would seek out and supply top-quality supplies for the home sewist and the independent custom bra-makers. Really - how hard could it be? She soon learned how difficult it was! Sourcing has been and continues to be a huge challenge, especially since a lot of domestic mills have closed.  Nonetheless, over 16 titillating years later, Bra-makers has its own retail store and its wonderful classroom on-site where we teach students from all over the world - the elements of bra design, draft, fit and construction.


    So many of our students over the years have used the lessons we've taught and started sewing for their daughters, granddaughters and nieces. Others are sewing for their mothers and sisters or other family members with special needs.


    Many of you have turned your love of sewing into a made-to-measure bra business. Isn't it great to be working and still doing something you love? The made-to-measure bra-maker is so much in demand all over the world - it's become a viable choice for those who want a second career or one to round out their current sewing business. We've got students who are doing swimwear, some specializing in medical brassieres, some who are doing showgirl and dance costumes and some who have specialized in corsetry. Every student we teach brings their own unique personality to our classes - and they all leave bursting with ideas for their own individual future.


    Along the way, our staff has grown, too from "just me" to part-time and full-time women on staff.  These ladies are the friendly voices on the phone. Any of us will happily take phone orders or answer questions about products we carry. 


    We welcome you to visit our store on beautiful Ottawa Street in Hamilton, in the heart of the fabric district. We are nestled among antique shops, fabric shops and trendy restaurants, so why not come and spend some time in "the bra-making capital of the world"!


    Sign up for our E-mail Newsletters, which features new products and other news pertinent to our industry. In addition, Beverly now posts to her blog, Life of a Fairy Bra Mother, which can be found at You can follow her blog on Bloglovin or through Blogger.


    We hope you enjoy our online display of bra supplies - it's our biggest selection yet with lots of new things to celebrate the start of another great year of business. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best that bra-making can offer. We feel privileged that you have chosen us for your bra-making needs. We sincerely hope you find our website, and our people, informative and helpful.