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To All Readers
Please be aware that there may be others offering a so-called professional bra-making course that uses the

Beverly Johnson Universal Fit System

as the basis for the course templates.

Be warned that these are ILLEGAL copies of the System, and you as well as the "teacher" may be subjected to prosecution. We have already had complaints filed against this other "teacher". Ironically, this "course" offered costs more money than the one-and-only professional Bra-makers course taught by Ms. Johnson herself in Hamilton.

Only Beverly Johnson can license copies of her Universal Fit System.

Anyone using pirated copies will not be recognized by the Professional Association of Bra-makers.

And be subject to legal action for doing so.

Studies show that 7 out of 10 women wear incorrectly fitting bras. You can learn to make made-to-measure bras and start a rewarding sewing business that can, when completed, build into a full-time career. The whole 3 year course is made up of three sessions: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Even if you only complete the first session, you can start a business right away. However, the next two levels will hone your skills in every aspect of the trade. During each session, you will learn to construct and fit made-to-measure bras, so you can work with your own clients between levels.

Each level has both classroom training and client work under close personal supervision. Industry construction methods are taught but we encourage you to bring your own machine, however school machines are available to rent for the session. All classes are held Monday through Friday 10-4 pm and limited to 6 students per session. Students have access to the classroom 24/7 so they can work evenings/weekends as they desire. Applicants must have excellent sewing skills.

Session One
Week 1Orientation, History of the Bra, Terms and definitions, Fabrics, Elastics, Findings
Week 2Working with the patterns, Construction technique, samples
Week 3-8Fitting and alterations, Client work

The first session is $3500 + tax(es) = $3955 includes all sets of professional bra blocks, textbook, and all fabrics, elastics and bra supplies used in the classroom.
Extra Costs
Machine rental is $250 for the whole session if you choose not to bring your own machine.
Is available nearby. Prices range from $1500 and up for the entire time. All have kitchen and laundry privileges. The bus system in Hamilton is very good and easy to learn so you won't need a car.
Course dates
Level 1 FallMonday September 15 through Friday November 7, 2008
Level 2Will be held from March 16 - May 8, 2009 and Level 3 will be held in 2010. Dates to be determined
To Register Call the registration hotline 905-538-1396 or email

Specialty Electives
Each session below is ONE week (5 days 10-4:30).

Choose the one(s) you are interested in.

These courses are only available to graduates of Session One
Style changes
Making style line changes for all types of fashion forward bra designs, including vertical seam, multiple piece cups and external power bars. Does not include sports bras
Plus Sizes
Working with plus size cups and plus size frames to make comfortable, supportive and pretty bras. Fabrics, style lines and alterations to accommodate the larger bust.
Non-wired Styles
Examining non-wired bra styles and what makes them work. Design lines, fabrics and construction techniques including the integrated bridge, slings, and collars.
Nursing Bras
The fabrics and techniques for nursing bra design and construction. Many wired and non-wired styles are examined, re-designed and improved.
Sports Bras
The specialty fabrics and styling that can minimize bounce for active and moderately active sports. Design and construction both studied.
Mastectomy Bras
Learn to make a variety of pockets in your bra designs to hold a prosthesis. This session will also include making prostheses and designing for lumpectomy bras.
Foam cup bras 1
The basic entry to foam cup bra design. Learn to use pre-formed foam cups to make a full band bra, then a partial band bra. Rotation of cups as well as construction tricks.
Foam cup bras 2
Advanced foam cups that build on the skills learned in Foam Cups 1, with emphasis on the many different types of foam cups and how to work with them.
Corsets and boned bodices 1
Entry level corsets and boned bodices. Fitting challenges as well as several methods of construction and the various closures and design elements.
Corsets and boned bodices 2
Advanced corsets that use style line changes to build on your corsetry skills learned in Corsets 1. Also waist cinchers and posture enhancers.
Strapless Bras
Separated cups within a boned frame. The fitting is just the beginning. Techniques to make it look the best it can be. many alternate techniques examined.
Long-line Bras and All-in-ones
Long-line bras to the waist and all-in-ones that include the bi-furcated bottom. Examine the different types of design, construction and fitting challenges.
Costume bras
Belly dance, body building, dance and other costume bras will be the focus of this session. Tricks to making costumes work, and stay together during a rigorous performance.
Swimwear 1 - Maillot
Entry level swimwear fitting the maillot (tank) suit and examining style changes and flattering styles. Learn to make your own bra cups and insert them into a suit.
Swimwear 2 - Princess & tankini
Second level swimwear fitting the princess line suit and tankini. Use pattern manipulation to make a variety of style changes.
Swimwear 3
Learn to draft your own swimsuits with visible bra detailing as part of the style line. Learn the fitting techniques and pattern alterations necessary.
Ready to wear Bra design and drafting
Doing a line of ready-to-wear? You need to know the standards of the industry and what is expected of you as a manufacturer before you start.
Ready to wear Bra grading
The intricate aspects of grading bras for ready-to-wear. Plus sizes included.
Industrial Machines and Methods
Machines necessary for sewing intimates, and how to use them.

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